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Futuristic and Anti-Mainstream Floating Bed Design

The shape of the floating bed design has actually been around for a long time. Just as a bed made of cloth which is tied on two sides in opposite directions so that it can be used as a bed, that too has always existed. Until now, all floating bed design concepts have developed. The most common concept is the form of a floating bed with four legs. Dear readers, what will be reviewed here are some futuristic and anti-mainstream floating bed designs. This is very rarely found in society. It would be nice, let’s follow the discussion below.

1. Unique themed floating bed concept

The unique style floating bed concept is made to give satisfaction to its owner. This proves that the owner of this bed has the taste to be different from the others. Unique beds that we can choose as you can see in the picture, namely a bed with a style against the wall. Please note, a concept like this must use selected materials. The attachment of the bed to the wall must be very strong considering the weight of the owner of the bed.

This unique floating bed shape includes a modern and futuristic appearance. For the mattress, you can use an ordinary mattress but it has a sufficient degree of flexibility and feels soft on the body. To be more interesting, give an element of a contrasting combination, namely dark and light on the color of the mattress with the bed. It will look really amazing.

2. A futuristic floating bed design in the form of a multipurpose folding bed

Folding beds are also no less interesting to complement your bedroom design. This is a floating bed that provides a dynamic theme because it can be adjusted at any time to make the atmosphere more varied. When you want to be active, you can fold the bed, which then you can use it as a work table. The atmosphere will look wider when you make work. But you will be impressed when you open the fold and use it as a bed for sleeping. This is truly an artistic artistic value for the interior design of your room.

3. The floating bed concept is in a hanging shape

The hanging bed also looks floating which is very appropriate to decorate your bedroom. This bed adopts a swing concept where the board is made wide in the form of a flat bed. Beds like this have many kinds. There is a bed with just two cords to hang it like in the picture. There is also a bed that has four hanging ropes to support the bed. This bed also seems unique, but the impression that is built is a futuristic anti-mainstream impression.

If you install this type of bed, it is recommended that the roof of your house is designed firmly so that it does not affect the condition of the roof. This is also influenced by the weight of the owner of the bed.

4. The most modern futuristic floating bed design

Many scientists are now creating the most modern floating beds, it is because of the challenges of technological development. Of course you have to think about your budget when choosing this concept. The choice as seen in the picture is that this modern style bed has a function not only to decorate interior design, but also for other functions such as health and entertainment. The owner of this bed is spoiled by the interior decoration of this bedroom.

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