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How to show a modern impression of the main door of a minimalist house

 The beauty of your home often lies in the design of the main door. That’s because everyone who passes in front of your house always looks at the side of the main door rather than the others unless there is an ornate side of your house that seems strange. Maybe more people think that the home owner is often near the area of ​​the main door of the house. If the condition of the main house door is not considered, many people will give us an unsatisfactory assessment. This is because the value of beauty is what is visible to the eye to those who enjoy the sight. This is a minimalist home main door design so that your house looks good.

1. Butterfly door model design

The main door type butterfly model can show the elegant side of your home. The reason is, this tiep is often identified with a large and luxurious house. But that doesn’t mean the minimalist type isn’t right to use this type. The way to match it is to choose a size that is proportional to the size of your home. House type 36 should choose a butterfly door that is rather small. The best type is a combination of wood and glass. Wood made with teak wood and decorative glass with a sticker pattern on it will certainly make a nice view of your home.

2. The design of the main door of the house with a modern concept

The latest modern main door concept can be made using laminated wood. Not only can you decorate the door, the frame can also be decorated with an elegant laminate sticker appearance. The combination of laminated frames with beautiful laminate doors can make the main door’s performance modern and look cool. This type is the most popular and is used because it can be obtained instantly.

3. The theme of the main door with one door made of teak wood

The main door concept with one door is the door most commonly used when building a house. Most of these are made of teak wood. The perception of people using teak wood is the appearance of its natural fibers and forming an artistic pattern. To be sure this wood is very strong. Maybe the decoration feels monotonous and seems traditional. Then you have to add a modern element to the frame so that its traditional values ​​are covered.

4. The theme of the design of the main door of a minimalist house with full glass wrapped in white wood

What is no less decorating the interior world is that the wood material wrapped to cover the opaque filter glass will give a popular and modern impression. Popular value is in every corner of the beauty of this door. Indeed, the white color seems to give a neutral impression, but look at the picture where the decorative trails also give an attractive appearance. In addition, the type of wall color matches the condition of the main door. The result is a glamorous value on the front view of your house.

5. The design of the main door of the house is minimalist, full glass box style

One design that should not be left behind and should be your reference is the main door theme of the box design. This door can be made in any color, for example in the picture is the popular white color. But you can also choose another color theme to your liking.

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