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Living Room Type 36 Narrow Minimalist Design With Modern and Artistic Looks

Minimalist house with type 36 is the type of house that is best-selling in society because the price and financing are affordable. The design that is most different in order to appear to adorn your home is on the side of the living room. The living room is a place where the beauty of the interior design of the house is shown especially to the guests who come. Therefore, it must be made with a look that is most special than the others despite the narrow space. Many simple, narrow type 36 living room designs are changed and modified into a special, elegant and artistic room like the reviews in this article.

1. Modern artistic living room design

The living room of the type 36 house can be turned into a very attractive interior design if we can arrange a harmonious and harmonious layout and color combination. All of these combinations must appear eye-catching. Make sure that the element of art is present, namely by placing beautiful paintings with high artistic value on the walls.

For sofas and tables, make them from modern materials for furniture. The table can be made of glass or the popular type of laminate wood. Choose a sofa with a neutral white or cream color to reveal a beautiful design. In order to further add to the decoration, you can provide artificial plant elements so that the impression of artistic value is present in every corner of the living room of your house.

2. Living room design type 36 with beautiful furniture

Who says the 36th house’s living room cannot reflect a pretty modern element. You can have this by giving a beautiful and charming furniture bandage. You can provide more angles to the furniture. For example, in the form of bookshelves, tables and TV desks. The presence of television also produces a cheerful appearance, it can even provide entertainment to guests who come to your place with a relaxed atmosphere.

Place a square carpet under the table so that the glamorous impression looks to beautify the room. The table on the carpet to make it look harmonious can be designed with a laminate wood model with beautiful fibers. The latter presents mini green plants and art decorations such as posters, paintings, and jars. This will further complement the decoration in the space.

3. Living room design type 36 with contemporary popular concept

The 36 house types that present an attractive and most modern appearance of the living room are the ones most developed by developers in developing the property business concept. This is also the best seller in the property market. The design is made with the appearance of beautiful furniture with the most popular sofa models and is made by factories on a large scale.

4. Living room design type 36 with the latest unique look

The unique type 36 house is not born from a business-style property design. You can change the type 36 property into a luxurious yet unique concept. The trick is to provide a different element from other types of designs. As you can see in the picture, you can put a wool rug that is rarely used. The sofa used is a unique modern sofa with a thick mattress even though it is small in size. Decorate the walls of the room with paintings, or make one side of the walls with laminate or wallpaper. This is truly an amazing work of interior design.

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