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Selection of Minimalist Living Room Paint Colors with Interesting Themes

Seeing an attractive living room with the most popular colors is tempting to have it. Of course we have visited our colleagues who have a living room with a unique paint color so that we are amazed by the room. Relax, this is not an impossible thing to do. This depends on our cleverness in arranging the theme of paint colors and matching lighting. Try browsing the internet to brainstorm to get started. Look for a design theme that is thought to match your preferences and most importantly your finances. This is the selection of the most popular minimalist living room paint colors in the world.

Choose one bright color for a minimalist space

The concept of painting with one color is enough to give a cool touch to your minimalist space. However, there are certain things that must be considered. Choose bright colors so that the room looks wider and brighter so that the impression that is awakened has a touch of elegance. Likewise with the color type, avoid dark black or dongker smells such as dongker blue, dongker green, and others as if they add to the feeling of being cramped and lacking lighting.

If you insist on a dark color choice because it is already your dream for a gothic color fan, this is actually not a problem, but you must pay attention to the lighting concept. You should provide lots of lighting and lots of decoration in bright colors.

Selection of minimalist living room paint colors with a combination of two or more colors

A cheerful impression in a minimalist type of living room can be built by applying a way of painting using two or more colors. This also requires special consideration in combining the two or more colors. Not all colors can mix and form beautiful patterns. For example, the combination of pink and ripe blue is not quite harmonious.

The colors that tend to work well are neutral colors with your favorite color. This is a safe way to combine two colors, of course, this color is not a neutral black color that seems too bold. Use white which is the most widely used color for painting on walls.

Selection of minimalist living room paint colors with quality paint types that absorb light

For the living room, you should use quality paint with sufficient absorption. These paints don’t usually give off the sparkle or shine that greasy paints do. Indeed, oily paint has the ability to make it easier for you to avoid the dangers of graffiti such as children’s scribbles so that it can be cleaned with a rag just once, but the luster and reflectivity of this type of paint is very high so it can disturb the view in the living room. This paint is the opposite of the paint above. The light generated will be very strong.

Unlike paints that have high absorption capacity, this will be able to adjust the lighting in the room so that it supports the beauty of the interior design of the living room. The characteristics are usually not shiny and form a smooth, soft and cool surface. This is a paint that is suitable for a minimalist living room.

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